Sunday, November 1, 2009

Australia SM - Second Lesson

It was another successful Stitchin' Mission lesson, number two, at St. Mark's in Sydney, Australia. Key lesson components were rotary cutting and how to sew the quilt top.

If facial expressions are any indication of understanding, everyone seemed to grasp the concepts in spite of my Americanisms and accent (Ha! Really, who has the accent?!)

SM grads: Doesn't this look just like home?
In Australia there are:
just as many eager learners (Carol);
blade-wielding newbies (Geraldine); smiling faces (Jessica);

with can-do attitudes (Corrine);
and newbies who work shoulder to shoulder (Michaela and Christine);
as they persevere (Helen);to learn how to rotary cut fabric (Mora).
This group of caring, sharing young ladies and women have quickly grasped what Stitchin' Mission is all about - sharing quiltmaking with one another while we fulfill our purpose to make quilts that bless others.
And today during worship, I was reminded once more just how incredible our God is. Embrace the reality of this: That no matter on what continent we live, wherever we are in the world, we who believe in God and his Son, Jesus, are ONE in the Spirit. Praise to God!

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