Saturday, November 28, 2009

Video Interview about Stitchin' Mission

On my last day in Australia (Thanksgiving Day), Di Jobbins, Di Bracey and I met with Pam Holland at the Four Points Sheraton in Sydney's CBD (Central Business District) for a video interview about Stitchin' Mission.

Pam is a quilter, tutor, lecturer, author, judge, pattern designer, photographer, cinematographer (Her business card says so!) who lives in Australia. She has won Best of Show at the International Quilt Festival in Houston, is a frequent instructor there, and travels all over the world teaching her quilting techinques. Pam creates film clips and is compiling stories for a documentary about what women are doing with quiltmaking.

(L-R) Di Jobbins, Di Bracey, Pam Holland and me (Linda Hungerford) met for several hours,
seeing some of Pam's own incredible artistic quilt work,
and WIPs (work-in-progress). See more on Pam's blog.
She video-interviewed us, individually and together. When I know exactly where and when you can see what Pam has done with our interview, you'll be the first to know! It's so exciting that Stitchin' Mission has "gone global!"

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Tozz said...

Oh Wow...those are just incredible! I look forward to the interview :)