Sunday, November 22, 2009

Australia Stitchin' Mission - Last Class

Sunday was the last Stitchin' Mission class at St. Mark's Church in Darling Point (Sydney). The entire series of lessons couldn't have gone more smoothly, nor have been any more enjoyable to teach. I felt like royalty!
Thanks go to Di Bracey (below left) and Di Jobbins (right) who were not only organization personified, but provided nearly all my teaching tools because I was unable to bring everything with me. Down to the last detail, they had their act together! On top of that, between them they've made a dozen quilts! It was a priviledge to share SM with these enthusiastic, Spirit-filled women.
In spite of 98 F (37C) temperatures (no air-con here, Americans), we had a delightful, and somewhat emotional celebration. While many SMers were fondly remembering Marcia Burgess - the woman for whom the new autism preschool is named, and the place that will receive the quilts - we also reminisced about the lessons. newfound quilting knowledged, and friendships we shared. It was a beautiful experience.

Last class party treats were enjoyed. The cupcakes... ...were made by Jess. Thank you!

Personally, this was a very special Stitchin' Mission because it's the first time I've taught outside the Des Moines, Iowa, area. Admittedly, I was a little anxious at the first class, as were Di and Di who confessed they didn't know what they'd do when no one showed up for lessons! All our concerns were unfounded.

By the second lesson, I knew I was "at home," and that Aussie quilters are not one whit different than American quilters. We all speak the same language when it comes to making quilts. Taking SM international has simply confirmed its effectiveness wherever in the world it may go. Stitchin' Mission:

  1. Brings people together in a common effort (quiltmaking)
  2. For a common good (mission).
  3. Proclaims and practices that Christians, no matter what denomination we claim, believe in the same Lord, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit.
  4. Effectively teaches the craft of quiltmaking.
  5. Encourages new friendships.
  6. Often leads to the formation of new quilting groups.

God sure came up with a marvelous concept, didn't He?! All praise and honor to Him for what He has done.

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