Sunday, November 8, 2009

Australia SM - Third Lesson

Lo-cal sandwich making was the order of the afternoon at St. Mark's Anglican Church (Sydney, Australia) third Stitchin' Mission lesson.

Digging in and offering assistance not only in class, but outside of class, coordinator Di Bracey looks as happy as a quilter in a room full of free fabric.
Being a little shy on tables, everyone pitched in to help each other get their quilts basted or tied.
It's heart-warming to see young friends sharing the learning process.
Most quilters will tie their quilts, and some quilters are opting to try machine-quilting.
More than one quilter, intending to make one quilt, purchased additional fabric to make a second quilt! Thank you! This new quilter, Debbie, is thinking and working ahead to make twin doll quilts for her two daughters.

Once again, Stitchin' Mission is proving its effectiveness in being an environment where eager learners are embracing the fun and satisfaction that happens during quiltmaking. There's already talk about a possible group forming at the church! God's definitely at work here, and we praise Him for it.

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Di said...

Great photos, Linda. There was such a buzz of activity today! Your enthusiasm is contagious!