Sunday, October 25, 2009

Stitchin' Mission Begins Down Under

St. Mark's Anglican Church in Darling Point (Sydney), Australia, today hosted the first international Stitchin' Mission! For the next four Sunday afternoons, from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m., newbies and Rebekahs will meet to make quilts for autistic children who will attend a Liverpool (Sydney) preschool expected to open in June 2010.

Every registrant received this package containing a name tag, hand-outs, and a lovely pin cushion made by Di Jobbins, one of two well-organized Dis - the other being Di Bracey - who are coordinating this SM.These two industrious coordinators also sewed quilt samples, at least one each of all four patterns, far beyond the usual responsibilities of a coordinator. Their efforts lightened my two-bag luggage load which still managed to total 98 pounds! Thirty-one people attended the first lesson, and everyone made me feel very welcome.

Interestingly, though we speak the same language, yardages had to be converted to meterages,, and the Rebekah Bible story from Genesis 24 about the quantity of water for a camel and in a water jar was converted from gallons to liters.

I was in my favorite place, doing my favorite thing - sharing God's gifts and quiltmaking. I'm looking forward to our second lesson. We all appreciate for prayers for this SM. It's evident God is hearing and answering.

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Di said...

Wow, what a fantastic afternoon it was! So many enthusiastic, smiling women going away with their bundles of fabric. We're loving it!