Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More from Kinshuko

Norma Hamilton again writes:

Who knew where Stitchin' Mission would go . . . now twenty sessions, the BSM (Beyond Stitchin' Mission) and our work here . . . our GOD is truly Awesome! Every day there is something new and wonderful that connects us in the community of Christ. A simple bible reading for the day turns into a link to the message from yesterday or to some happening that occurred.

We toured a Japanese Samaruri Museum yesterday - well part of it. Very interesting history. Several hours from camp. Yasushi Sato, the camp director accompanied us along with Taka and Tayori and young Itsuki. The other three children were in school. Hiroko Sato stayed at camp and made dinner as well as being here when children came home from school. Many of team went to Onsen - public hot springs last evening.

Today we're walking the Kinshuko land with Taka, and then will go to another hot springs, those who want to go. Others will just relax, doing R&R. Thursday is travel day back to Tokyo - eight hours by Janet's microbus. Friday we'll work on making wheel chair pads, do some touring/shopping; Saturday touring/shopping; Sunday worship at Janet's International Church and then to airport for flight home.

Emmaly Burklund has videotaped the happenings, including the conclusion of the camp, where the campers shared their thoughts, feelings of what they learned/experienced here. Great testimony to God's influence in their lives. Several are going to continue to work at getting quilting started in their own churches here! Yasushi Sato has given me one CD already, and we'll be bringing back more with pictures of the mission trip. We'll get all of our individual pix on CD's to share with each other and with the entire Mission Kinshuko group (and others) when we have our meeting in December.

Norma mentions "our meeting in December." Everyone is invited! If you would like to hear more about the mission team's experiences in Japan, see pictures and video, please attend a Mission Kinshuko presentation.

Tuesday, December 1, 6:30 p.m.
Lutheran Church of Hope, West Des Moines, Iowa
Room 214

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