Friday, October 16, 2009

A Letter from Kinshuko

One of Kinshuko's camp directors, Tayori Araki, emailed the following about the quilting camp, and the Kinshuko Mission Team:

Dear friends,

Thank you for your prayers! Yesterday the team left here in the morning.

They arrived here midnight on Friday, and we opened the quilts in the morning on Saturday. The quilts are SO beautiful and we are so moved. We hung about 30 quilts on the wall. The campers enjoyed looking at them and we will keep them for a while. Many people will enjoy them and encouraged by the project.

Actually our director Sato said that it is miracle same as we see in the Bible like Moses's and encouragement for us.

The campers enjoyed the camp. They are women so they usually can't join the camp for themselves. They enjoyed quilting, English, fellowship...a lot! The team showed not only how to quiltmaking but also love in Christ in many ways.

A camper who know the quiltmaking by hands was surprised at the way of making the quilts that the team taught. She said the way is rationalized very much. A campers said that she make the quilts for bringing her home but the Kinshuko Quilters make them for this camp. She seemed to know the sacrifice that you paid for us by making the quilts. She was getting to think she want to make the quilts for charity. A camper said Church is like a patchwork and want to be a part of it as it work well. The faces of the campers were shining with joy! We will know more that what happened in them later.

On Tuesday the team and us visited Kakunodate, remains Samurai town, and saw Samurai manor, traditional crafts, foods, clothes, architecture, garden...many traditional Japan. And onsen, too.

On Wednesday they took a walk around campsite, and up to the hill top. The leaves are getting to change their colours. We had a lunch, Asian taste hamburger, outside. After lunch, they went to Onsen and were in colourful Kimono.

We enjoyed their stay so much and it was difficult to say good bye. We said "Itterasshai!" means "come back again(or soon)!" in Japanese. We are glad that they said they want to come back again and said Linda should come next time.

Today they worked for wheelchairs ministry for Asia, cleaning them and making cushion for them in Tokyo. Tomorrow they will go sightseeing in Tokyo and on Sunday afternoon will leave Narita.

We pray that they have good time in Tokyo and for their safe trip to the U.S. and that God bless them and you all!

Thank you so much for everything that you have done for us!


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