Wednesday, April 7, 2010

SM21 Binding Lesson

It was an excellent turn-out for the binding lesson at Capitol City Baptist Church.

The quilters allowed me to show them several quilts I've made from Stitchin' Mission patterns.
Susan hold up "Crusts and Crumbs."
Everyone gathered 'round to learn how to sew together binding strips.
Here they're learning to draw a straight edge around the perimeter of the quilt. The drawn line is the edge along which the raw edges of the binding are positioned for sewing.
Everyone gets a chance to see how to hand-stitch binding to the quilt back, using a blind stitch.
Next week we'll be sewing labels to the back of finished quilts. Don't forget to bring along your hand-sewing supplies: needle, light-colored thread (white or beige), snips, and a thimble.

And even if your quilt isn't finished, bring it along so you can pose with everyone for the group photo. Finished quilts are due to the church by Friday, April 30 for display the weekends of May 2 and 9.

Thank you, almost-finished quilters! You're nearly there! We all appreciate your gifts of time and love for mothers and babies at the Alpha Women's Center.

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