Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Stitchin' Mission #21 Third Lesson

Tuesday evening several dozen quilters made sandwiches, and tied their quilts. Everyone was so hard at work - having a good time at it - that very few photos were taken.

Here are some of our wonderful newbies with apologies to those who were not photographed.
Rebekahs Betty and Teresa
We're happy Roy is participating in Stitchin' Mission. He's the fourth fella to do so.
Everyone is encouraged to complete their quilts for the Alpha Women's Center by the last lesson, Tuesday, April 13. For those who may need extra time to finish - perhaps make a second quilt - you're asked to turn them into the church office by Friday, April 30.

Quilts will be displayed beginning Sunday, May 2 through Sunday, May 9.

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