Friday, March 5, 2010

First Class of SM#21

Last Tuesday evening, March 2, at Capitol City Baptist Church (the first Baptist church to host a SM - Yay Baptists!) we were blessed with lots of people interested in learning about quiltmaking, and donating their quilts to the Alpha Women's Center in Ankeny, Iowa.
Forty-one newbies attended, and 11 Rebekah-helpers.

The camera passed among many hands to capture some of these moments from the evening.
Yep, we sure do have a fella in this SM.
He's not the first guy to have participated; he's actually the fourth! Go guys!
This sign gave some of us "old-timers" the giggles.
Though it's always suggested that Rebekahs sit in the back, this ensures it!
Fabric shopping was in a separate room.

I'm happy to say that we again have several mother-daughter teams.
Even the newest SM "graduate" jumped in to help.
Thank you, Rebekahs! You're the best!

Newbies, we hope you're having fun making fabric selections for the quilt(s) you want to make.

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