Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Last Lesson, Stitchin' Mission #21

The last Stitchin' Mission #21 lesson at Capitol City Baptist Church ended with a celebration of each quilter's work. At least 45 quilts are expected to be donated to the Alpha Women's Center. The final quilt count will be available the weekend of May 1-2 when the quilts are displayed for two weekends at Capitol City Baptist Church.

Thank yous to all 42 new quilters and 14 Rebekah helpers who made this a highly successful Stitchin' Mission. You are all simply wonderful! Here are photos of just a few of our fabulous quilters.
Anne Marie, age 11. This is her first quilt!
Dena, Angie, and Joyce
At the beginning of the lesson, a moving devotional poem was offered. Here it is by request:

My friend, I stand at the Judgment now and feel that you’re to blame somehow.

On earth I walked with you day by day and never did you point the way.

You knew the Lord in truth and glory but never did you tell me the story.

My knowledge then was very dim you could have led me safe to Him.

Though we lived together on this earth you never told me of the second birth.

And now I stand this day condemned because you failed to mention Him.

You told me many things tis true I called you friend and trusted you.

But I learn now that it’s too late, you could have kept me from this fate.

We walked by day and talked by night and yet you showed me not the light.

You let me live, love, and die. You knew I’d never live on high.

Yes, I called you friend in life and trusted you through joy and strife.

And yet on coming to the end, I cannot now call you friend.

May each of us always share the love of Jesus Christ with others, especially our friends, and by the work of our hands.


JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

The quilts look simply wonderful!
I am sure many children will be blessed by them.
Joyfully in Jesus,

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