Friday, January 22, 2010

Stitchin' Mission Lesson Questions Answered

Sue emailed these comments and questions. In case anyone else has similar questions, here are my responses.

Thanks again for another great class! I’ve laid out my blocks and I think the quilt is going to be really neat, so thanks to you and the Rebekahs for their help.

OK, I’ve come up with some questions:

1) How many safety pins do we need? I think I can scare up a few 1” ones but I have at least 16 bigger ones (1¾” total length) if those aren’t too big. The short answer is lots! I have several hundred that I use for pinning a large quilt. But if I were to guess for this baby quilt, I'd say 80-100 pins. They need to be pinned into the quilt sandwich approximately 4" apart to security hold the layers together. All that said though, you can thread baste your quilt. OR if you're planning to tie it, no basting is needed because we'll sandwich and tie the layers all at one time.

2) What width of masking tape do we need? The best roll I have is wider than the standard roll, but I can purchase a regular width roll if that will work. The regular width roll I have is old and likes to shred as you remove it from the spool, plus the back is rather sticky and I’m afraid it will leave a residue on the quilt. Any width tape works. We'll use it to tape the backing fabric to a table top.

3) Will you cover how to make the binding in the 4th class so we can finish the quilt before the 5th class? Yes, the fourth lesson is about binding.

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