Wednesday, January 20, 2010

SM20 - Second Lesson, Rotary Cutting

For the second lesson of Stitchin' Mission #20 at First Federated Church in Des Moines, we moved to the church's Fellowship Hall. Since this church is the site of the former Franklin Junior High School, that meant we had a large room - the school's former cafeteria! The room offers plenty of space for simultaneously being able to have our circle gathering and lesson, and spaciously distanced tables for rotary cutting. Perfect!

Lois Grove (L) is the dedicated coordinator for this Stitchin' Mission.
She's ably assisted by Nancy Jones.
As always, and as I love to see, we have a few mother/daughter combos.
Here's 13 year-old Elizabeth with her mother, Cheryl.
Deb Jacobs (L), has been a faithful Rebekah at several SMs. Here Deb is assisting Sue.
Another mother/daughter combo is Krystal (L), and 11 year-old Kinsey.
Rebekah Connie (L), assists De Ette.
Carla (L) is assisted by Barb Hyler who has attended many SMs
with this being her first session as a Rebekah.
Rachel (L) gets extra help from two Rebekahs!
Michelle Tepley (middle) has attended nearly all 20 SMs,
and Susan Murdock (R), has assisted with at least a half dozen SMs.
Rachel, you received very experienced help!
Spring looks as though she's enjoying herself.
Liz (L), Diane (middle) and Carol shared conversation as they worked.
The photos don't capture everyone in attendance, but more photo ops will be available next Tuesday when we begin making quilt sandwiches.

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JoyfulJewels4Jesus said...

Hello Linda!
Thanks for sharing the photos of the second class! My mom and I are so very grateful that we can be apart of this Stitchin' Mission!
Looking forward to the next class!

Joyfully in Jesus,