Saturday, August 29, 2009

Two Quilt Tops Made!

...for Australia Bush Fire Relief.

Today, a group of quilters representing six Des Moines area churches spent nearly six hours making 160 string-pieced blocks into quilt tops. Blocks had been previously sewn at home by 19 quilters who donated them to this effort to make quilts for Australian Bush Fire Relief.

(Refer at right to the Stringing Colors Tutorial to see how blocks were made, and visit the link to Oz Comfort Quilts to learn more about this quiltmaking effort.)

Today's quilters are (standing, L-R): Deb, Ann, Lu, Deb, and Vivian
(kneeling/sitting, L-R): Linda, Joyce, Shirley, Norma, and Sherry (not shown, Barb)

Behind these dedicated quilters are two quilt tops, each 64" wide by 80" long.

Everyone enjoyed playing with the blocks, experimenting with different arrangements.
Deb, Sherry, Vivian, and Ann

Ann, Deb, and Shirley

Barb, Joyce, and Lu




A concentrated team decision-making effort by Barb, Deb, Deb, Vivian, and Lu.

Sew-ers Norma and Shirley

And Deb


Afternoon "work supervisors" Joyce and Ann.
We're feeling very satisfied with our efforts thus far. Thank you to everyone who sewed blocks, especially Michelle who went way beyond the six blocks requested from each person.

Next, the quilt tops will be longarm quilted. We anticipate another get-together - a September Binding Bee - to finish the quilts.

Thanks for everyone's support!

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Di said...

What a fab effort! The looks on their faces say it all - they had fun making those quilt tops together. Bless you all!