Saturday, August 15, 2009

About Beyond Stitchin' Mission

For those of you who were interested in and supportive of Beyond Stitchin' Mission lessons in my home, thank you! These classes will not be held due to the low amount of interest. Still, it was worth the effort to get to plan and anticipate the classes, and especially to get to know a few of you better. Your encouragement was wonderful. Thank you!

We're still making plans to be in community with activities related to quiltmaking. I hope you will consider joining us for the Stringing Colors Sewing Day on Saturday, August 29 at West Des Moines, United Methodist Church. Shoot me an email to let me know you're coming.

Also, SM18 starts Thursday morning, September 3. Newbies and Rebekahs are needed, so invite your friends to join us at Johnston Evangelical Free Church. Register here.

Has anyone made a quilt to donate? Send me a photo and I'll share it here.
And, as always, feel free to send me your quiltmaking questions. I'll do my best to answer them, and post them here so everyone can learn together.

Thank you always for your support. We're better together!

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