Saturday, May 30, 2009

String-Piecing Bloopers

Today at Lutheran Church of Hope, Hope Quilters and other quilters from the Des Moines area met for a work day. From Hope Quilters' stash of donated fabrics, we selected colors, pressed, rotary-cut strips, and sewed to make string-pieced blocks, much like you've been invited to do, making Stringing Colors blocks by July 31. 

However, several of us managed to creatively find a way to make a mistake. The following bloopers are shown to keep you on the alert for these potential hazards. If you manage to blooper anyway, join our club! (Names and faces are not shown, to protect the innocent.)

The most common mistake occurs when a quilter lays fabric strips together incorrectly. Right sides together is the correct way to join strips. A right side sewn to a wrong side is the blooper way...followed by unsewing.

The second most common mistake is to lay down a fabric strip so it doesn't completely cover the telephone book paper. This blooper joined its mates in the trash.
Here a quilter became quite creative, simultaneously sewing two layers of fabric strips to the paper. 

And this quilter, surely believing more is better, sewed a snippet of fabric right into the strips. A blooper with a bonus!
A great big thank-you to the quilters who sewed today, and who help all of us learn by their mistakes. You're wonderful!

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