Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Two Stitchin' Missions Off to a Flying Start

Monday night saw the start of Stitchin' Mission #22 at Sheridan Park United Methodist Church with 16 newbies in attendance. Coordinator Susan, was able to get Wal-Mart to donate a $50 gift card toward fabric purchases, and here she is making her selections.
 Also at SM#22, Angie, a first-time Rebekah, checks out the donated fabrics.

 Tuesday evening, Stitchin' Mission #23 began at Martensdale Community Church with 23 newbies. 
Going beyond the usual, co-coordinators Linda and Renee measured, labeled and organized all the donated fabric pieces.

 It looks very appealing, doesn't it?
 These new quilters thought so too!

Newbies, have fun finalizing your fabric selections this week!

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Di said...

Cutting particular lengths and labelling them - now why didn't we think of that! Great idea! Isn't it fun learning from the different ways each Stitchin' Mission's organisers go about things? Ooohh, it looks such fun!