Saturday, May 8, 2010

Sewing with St. Mark's Quilters in Australia

While in Sydney, Australia, visiting my daughter and her family, I had the opportunity to visit with St. Mark's Quilters. This group began to meet monthly in February, 2010, after they hosted an October/November 2009 Stitchin' Mission at their church.

On the second Saturday of the month, May 8, going to the church, this was my passenger view from the car window. You know you're not in the US when you're sitting on the left side of a car going along the left side of the road.

We crossed the ANZAC (Australia/New Zealand Army Corps) bridge to get to St. Mark's Anglican Church in Darling Point, an eastern suburb of Sydney. Upon arrival, I felt right at home among these welcoming quilters. The group sews in this recently renovated space that boasts a kitchen area with a frig and dishwasher, and air-conditioning which wasn't needed on this pretty autumn day in May.

Just like church quilting groups at home, some of the work occurs on the floor!Several of the quilters are Stitchin' Mission grads.
MichalaMargaret (left) and Moo
L-R: Di B., Barb and Gail Michala
Di C. (Three quilters named Di were at this quilting day!) showed us her version of "Noah's Ark," with Four Rail blocks in place of the Twin Loaf block. Pretty, bright colors, Di!Moo boldly stepped out of her comfort zone to select this bright color combination. Great!
Di J. (left) and Di B. were co-coordinators of Stitchin' Mission #19 and are now responsible for the new St. Mark's Quilters. These are two of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet.CathGail (left) and MichalaMy 11 year-old grand-daughter, Celina, joined us. She did a lot of sewing and pressing, and seemed to enjoy it! Together, we nearly finished making a "Stairs to Heaven" quilt top.Margaret worked on this New Life quilt. It's definitely bright and cheery.
Since the quilters' room is open to a fenced-in garden, two special dogs are welcome during the sewing day. Chester, the black lab, is a puppy who belongs to Di J. (her husband is St. Mark's rector) and was full of boundless energy. The more sedate Matilda is a beautiful, six year-old golden retriever who belongs to Di. B. How nice to have these friends join us.
Matilda and Di B.
When she wasn't loving up Matilda, Di B. beavered away on a mission quilt. She took an Amanda Daley free-motion quilting class, and is now doing a smashing job with her quilting.
Between SM#19 and St. Mark's Quilters, more than 70 quilts have been made that will be donated to the KU Marcia Burgess Autism Specific Early Learning and Care Centre opening in June. All the quilts will be displayed at St. Mark's on Sunday, May 23.
Thank you, St. Mark's Quilters, for a beautiful day. I will always remember my very special times with you. Blessings!


Di said...

A beautiful account of a very, very special day - for us all! I was gobsmacked when you walked in this morning, Linda!
[However.... (sorry)it was Amanda Daly who taught us free motion machine quilting, not Sue Daley.]

Doris said...

Praying for your safe trip home today....

香廷 said...

真得很不錯的blog,留言加油! ........................................