Saturday, September 26, 2009

Binding Bee at West Des Moines Methodist Church

Two quilts for Mission Australia Bush Fire Relief, accomplished!

Nine quilters participated in a binding bee to complete two 64" X 80" quilts that will be delivered to Australia and donated to victims of February bush fires.

First, each quilt was longarm quilted thanks to Norma Hamilton and Mary Nichols. This is Mary, longarm quilting at the APQS (American Professional Quilting Systems) showroom here in Des Moines, Iowa. We sincerely thank APQS for allowing us to use their machine on this mission quilt.
When we met for the Binding Bee, our first task was to align rulers to mark the straight edge on each side of the quilt.
(L-R) Barb, Lu, and Vivian
Norma and Michelle
After marking, everyone received a lesson and demonstration of how to apply binding with machine-sew mitered corners. (See the binding tutorial in the menu at right.)

(L-R) Norma and Michelle trimmed away the batting and backing, 3/8" from the stitching line.
Everyone participated in hand-sewing binding to the quilt back.
(L-R) Joyce and Vivian
(L-R) Lu and Barb
(L-R) Shirley and Ann
We admired and photographed each completed quilt, and then found something surprising...
When viewed from a distance, an optical illusion occurred.
It looks as though the quilt has rolling waves!
This rick-rack design quilt looks as though it has...
... accordion folds!
It was most enjoyable to note these remarkable illusions, and admire our handiwork. Prayers were spoken over these quilts, asking God to bless the recipients of them. We know that's just what He will do.

Friday, September 25, 2009

SM #18 - Fourth Class

Here are a few photos taken at our fourth Stitchin' Mission #18 lesson.

Be sure to note the photo of the quilt label we'll be sewing to our quilt backs at the last lesson on October 1. Words are in Romanian and English.

Friday, September 18, 2009

SM #18 - Third Class

This evening's class was all about making a quilt sandwich. Newbies learned: two ways to baste; how to tie; about various battings; and received an overview of quilting, focusing on machine quilting.

During work time, newbies and Rebekahs teamed-up to help each other with their quilts, just like the Bible's Old Testament prophet, Nehemiah, who formed a team to help rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Go team!
Stitchin' Mission Coordinator, Joann Christians
"Rebekah" Deb Jacobs
Mary Crowley
Susan Cerrillo and "Rebekah" Michelle Tepley
(L-R) Judith Tredway, Kelli Belden, and Joann Christians
Emily Clark
(L-R) "Rebekah" Vivian Thatcher, MerriJo Lineberry, and Sandra Schuler

MerriJo Lineberry
(L-R) Nancy Jones and "Rebekah" Lois Grove
To those of you who are persevering through Stitchin' Mission lessons, thank you! There are some who have given up, so your continued dedication to attending, and taking time from your busy lives to sew at home, are especially appreciated. Abundant blessings on you! There's no doubt the kids will be blessed by your generous gift of a quilt.

Friday, September 11, 2009

SM #18 - Second Class

The second Stitchin' Mission lesson includes learning how to rotary cut fabric. Here are just some of the quilters who managed to look like they were enjoying what they were doing!

Nita Jones lets her fabric hang straight before laying it on the cutting mat.

"Rebekah" Susan Mathison and Sandra Schuler work together.

Joy Hong-Russell

Lois Lundberg

"Rebekah" Lois Grove

Mary Crowley

Karen Rech

Next week... making a quilt sandwich.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Binding Bee Scheduled

For those of you who contributed String-Pieced blocks to make two quilts for Australia Bush Fire relief, we've planned a binding bee to finish the quilts.

Binding Bee
Saturday, September 26
9:00 a.m. to noon (doors open at 8:30 for set-up)
West Des Moines United Methodist Church, 8th and Grand, WDM
Enter at the ground floor; go to Wesley Center (same room as August 29)

I will demonstrate/teach my favorite method of sewing binding to a quilt. This method is different than the method taught in Stitchin' Mission classes.

By September 19, please let me know if you plan to attend and be sure to bring with you a small sewing kit that includes a hand-sewing needle and snips, and a thimble, if desired. Thread will be provided.

In a desire to help you understand the losses in Victoria, Australia, here are a couple photos of the aftermath of February 7, 2009, a day now referred to as "Black Saturday."

I took this picture from my window seat on a flight from Sydney to Melbourne. I believe it's near the Kinglake area, where some of the worst devastation occured, and 173 lives were lost. The burn area is in stark contrast to the green around it.
I took this photo outside of Bendigo, Victoria.
All together, more than 2,000 homes were burned.
On a cheerier note, take a look at just some of the quilts that have been donated toward this effort of collecting 7,000 quilts!
It's heartening to know that quilters, all around the world, do care.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

SM #18 - First Class

The first lesson of Stitchin' Mission #18 began Thursday evening at Johnston Evangelical Free Church. We had a great turn-out with 27 newbies! They will be learning with invaluable help from 11 Rebekahs. Thank you, Rebekahs!

One sweet young lady had already prepared four quilts for us.
She spent considerable time making them too.
Can you see what they are? They're cookies!
Susan Cerrillio is the lovely, and thoughtful talent behind these clever quilt cookies.
She recreated each of the four Stitchin' Mission patterns from individual cookie blocks.
This is the "Quarry Stone" quilt.
"Noah's Ark"
"Fishes and Loaves"
Every Stitchin' Mission seems to hold an unexpected, but always happy, surprise. Cookie quilts are a new one, and were much appreciated. They not only looked adorable, but tasted wonderful. Thank you so much, Susan!

Taking care of all the behind-the-scenes preparation for SM, are our gracious coordinators: Jane Davis (left), and JoAnn Christians.
They collected a very nice selection of donated, 100 percent cotton fabric. Everyone seemed to be having fun making their choices during end-of-class "shopping." No charge!
Shopping couldn't have been handled so smoothly without help from our dedicated Rebekahs who measured and cut fabric for newbies, just like in a fabric store.
Everyone - including Michael from the Des Moines Register, who is writing a feature story about Stitchin' Mission - is looking forward to seeing the quilts that will come from this class. We're certain the quilts will bless the children in a Romanian orphanage. And after the positive response to this first lesson, there's no doubt we'll all be blessed by sharing in this wonderful experience. Definitely more fun is in store!