Friday, September 18, 2009

SM #18 - Third Class

This evening's class was all about making a quilt sandwich. Newbies learned: two ways to baste; how to tie; about various battings; and received an overview of quilting, focusing on machine quilting.

During work time, newbies and Rebekahs teamed-up to help each other with their quilts, just like the Bible's Old Testament prophet, Nehemiah, who formed a team to help rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. Go team!
Stitchin' Mission Coordinator, Joann Christians
"Rebekah" Deb Jacobs
Mary Crowley
Susan Cerrillo and "Rebekah" Michelle Tepley
(L-R) Judith Tredway, Kelli Belden, and Joann Christians
Emily Clark
(L-R) "Rebekah" Vivian Thatcher, MerriJo Lineberry, and Sandra Schuler

MerriJo Lineberry
(L-R) Nancy Jones and "Rebekah" Lois Grove
To those of you who are persevering through Stitchin' Mission lessons, thank you! There are some who have given up, so your continued dedication to attending, and taking time from your busy lives to sew at home, are especially appreciated. Abundant blessings on you! There's no doubt the kids will be blessed by your generous gift of a quilt.

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