Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Beyond Stitchin' Mission Classes Available

Thanks to input from a number of you, a schedule is posted on the Stitchin' Mission website for Beyond Stitchin' Mission classes. These are lessons for anyone who has made a quilt and wants to learn more. Classes for up to six students will be in August, September and October.

Some of the classes are: t-shirt quilt, "Turning Twenty" quilt, "Harmony" (a Nancy Odom wall hanging pattern), and technique lessons where you pick the pattern you want to make!

Note that daytime and evening classes are available and scheduled fortnightly! Yes, every two weeks. That's intentional, so students have time to work on their projects, without rushing. It will also be a goal to complete each project. With student input, we'll pick a date many weeks or even months after the last lesson to have a finishing class.

I'm looking forward to hearing what you think about all this. I appreciate the encouragement you've given me to give this a try.

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