Thursday, March 12, 2009

Rotary Cutter Blades

At one of the Stitchin' Mission lessons you stressed making sure that your rotary cutter had a sharp blade. I decided I should change the one I had and bought a five-pack at my local fabric store. When I got home, I took the cutter apart and opened the package of blades. The blades are all greased and stuck together. How do I get them apart without losing a finger?! Janelle

I get mine apart apart by using two fingers to slide them. It's kinda like spreading out a deck of cards in one hand. Put your fingertips in the middle of the stack, then make a twist motion. When one blade edge is exposed, use just two fingers to pull it away from the others. To be safe you could slip on a pair of garden gloves, but I've never gotten a nick doing it this way. Linda

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Lyndle said...

This was very helpful, thank you!